We think as your do and we guide you towards making the best decision. We differentiate ourselves through quality, working with the Neocasa team is a unique experience.



It will be our honor to provide you with personalized services and assist you throughout the process of buying or renting a property in Costa Rica.

You can rely on us due to our robust group of experienced consultants.

CENTURY Neocasa Real Estate Team

Karine Niño

Leads the C21 Neocasa team and a renowned advisor in the real estate community for her negotiation capabilities and quality service.

Karine is greatly passionate about her job, she generates trust and confidence through dedication to her clients.

Through her knowledge and profession, Karine has developed a structure that facilitates purchase, sale and rent transactions to be executed at a single point with the best advising.

Raquel Navarro

Leads the property management and relocation services at Neocasa. Raquel’s organization will guarantee that we follow up and satisfy all of our clients’ needs. Our broad customer base can attest Raquel’s efforts to satisfy any customer.

Raquel’s ability and perseverance keeps Neocasa at the forefront of our industry, differentiating Neocasa from the rest in the real estate market.

Evelyn Chavarría

Distinguished office manager with a passion for order and empathy. Evelyn will give unconditional support to all our advisors and customers through excellent attention and by meticulously following up on all needs.

Her firm and direct character enables our office to work flawlessly towards the growth of our organization. 

Marco Mora 

Marco Mora

Assistant, keeps balance between colleagues and clients. In charge of handling property advertising and keeping internal office affairs in order.


Vanesa Trejo

Venezuelan passionate about customer service, attention and a great ability to understand the needs of each and every client. Providing on time feedback a personalized follow up.

Thankful with this beautiful country, Vanesa is always willing to help with the immigration process, making it easier and successful.

Marisol Trillo

A Bolivian native but resident of Costa Rica for more than 17years, Marisol has focused in developing her professional career in real estate for the past 7 years.

Distinguished for her charm, charisma and kindness towards helping new comers to Costa Rica with her own personal experience. Marisol has developed a lasting friendship with many of her customers.


Viviana Padilla

Viviana Padilla

Focused on understanding the needs of business people, national and international companies. Viviana is very capable following up with all of our clients’ needs.


Diana Garro

With more than five years of experience in the real estate industry, her warm personality gives our customers trust and confidence. Diana will handle all details until all business is satisfactorily concluded.

Her broad knowledge in real estate will allow us to find the best options available.


We strive to provide maximum client satisfaction, and we will work with you until we find the perfect property you have been dreaming.

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